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University of Phayao has its origin in the proposal of Naresuan University for an IT campus in Phayao province. The proposal was approved by the cabinet on 20 June 1995. According to the cabinet resolution dated 8 October 1996, the campus would be called “Phayao IT Campus”. Instructions and learning started in 1995. In 2007, President of Naresuan University (Associate Professor Dr. Mondhon Sanguansermsri) put forward the proposal to promote the campus into an independent university together with a proposal for the Royal Decree for University of Phayao. These were approved and declared in the Royal Gazette on 16 July 2010. The Royal Decree for University of Phayao, officially delivering “University of Phayao”, took effect from 17 July 2010 onwards. In 2010, University of Phayao offered 62 Bachelor’s degree programs and 15 Master’s degree programs with the total of 11,363 undergraduate students, 582 postgraduate students and 1,027 university staff. In 2011, the total number of students is around 20,000.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Master’s Degree Programs

Bi-semester System : Plan A Type A (2)

Bi-semester System : Plan B

Doctoral’s Degree Programs

Bi-semester System : Type 1.1

Bi-semester System : Type 1.2





The university colors are purple and gold.
Purple is the combination of red symbolizing the Nation and blue symbolizing the King.
Gold symbolizes Religion and the prosperity of the university.


The tree symbolizing University of Phayao is Fah Mui.

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